Community Event Request

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Thank you for your interest in having EF&R attend your community event. Please remember they must remain in service to respond to emergency calls. This could result in them arriving later than scheduled, needing to leave early, or not being able to attend at all.

Please fill out the form below and allow 1-2 business days to process your request.

- Community Event requests must be scheduled with at least two (2) weeks advance notice.
- Requests will be filled based on available resources.
- Once scheduled, please have a back-up plan in place (firefighters remain in service and may need to leave quickly if they receive an emergency call).

Station Tour Guidelines
• No more than 25 people (or one class) per visit – This includes adults and children.
• We request 1 adult per 5 children to provide supervision.
• The recommended age for station visits is 5 and up.
• We do not host birthday parties at fire stations.
• Groups are limited to one station tour per year.

**Disclaimer: Emergency response is our primary responsibility and crews will remain in service during station tours. In the event of an emergency, firefighters may be delayed or unable to attend without notice. Station tours cancelled due to emergency response will be rescheduled.

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