How is the rate of the fire benefit charge set?

The rate is set by your elected Board of Fire Commissioners in a public hearing every year during the fall budget process to take affect the following year. By law, the fire benefit charge revenue may not exceed 60% percent of King County Fire District 10’s operating budget. The fire benefit charge for 2021 has been set at 23.1% percent of the operating budget.

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1. What is a "fire benefit charge"?
2. How does it work?
3. How much is the fire benefit charge?
4. Why do communities support a fire benefit charge?
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6. Where will I see this charge? How do I pay it?
7. How is the rate of the fire benefit charge set?
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9. How do you get information on the size of structure/s on my property?
10. What if I think the fire benefit charge on my structure is incorrect?
11. What is the formula to calculate the fire benefit charge?
12. Who can I contact with additional questions?