Wildfire & Emergency Preparedness  

Eastside Fire & Rescue’s (EF&R) Emergency Management Division is responsible for supporting a broad range of activities that strengthen disaster resiliency. The mission of the Emergency Management Division is to build capacity across all phases of disaster management – Preparedness, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery – and include the following services:

  • Wildfire Mitigation – Spearheads regional wildfire mitigation programs in our coverage area through the development of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, risk assessments, and by leading regional coordination efforts relating to fire adapted communities. 
  • Community Outreach & Education – Supports Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. 
  • Training and Exercise Support - Delivers state and federally certified training on the Incident Command System, Emergency Operations Centers, and numerous other functional/emergency operations-based skills.
  • Emergency Planning – Provides technical subject matter expertise to emergency planning efforts that include assisting in the development of Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans, Hazard Mitigation plans, and Continuity of Operations/Government plans.
  • Grant Assistance/Disaster Cost Recovery – Aids and educates on state and federally available grants available to support or grow emergency management programs. Assists in navigating state and federal disaster assistance programs post disaster helping to ensure maximum reimbursements are obtained. Check out EF&R's Grant Catalog.
  • EOC & Incident Management Support –Trained emergency management professionals who can assist local jurisdictions during real-life incidents to assist in coordinating disaster operations and recovery.

In addition to its role in preparing and assisting individuals and agencies, the Emergency Management Division is also responsible for ensuring that the EF&R is prepared for future emergencies. 

This includes developing and implementing emergency plans and procedures for disaster operations, conducting drills and exercises, and providing training to emergency response personnel. The Emergency Management Division works closely with other regional agencies and organizations to ensure that there is proper coordination of effort and resources when facing large emergencies or disasters.