Career Firefighter Information

Eastside Fire & Rescue invites applications for the position of:

Lateral Firefighter

STARTING SALARY: $7,000.79 Monthly/$84,009.45 Annually
(Upon successful completion of 12-month probation will advance to top step 2018 Firefighter wage of $93,343.83)

: 12/19/17
CLOSING DATE: 01/24/18 at 5:00 p.m.


Eastside Fire & Rescue has an immediate need to hire multiple lateral firefighters.


The career firefighter is responsible for providing emergency medical services/ basic life support,
according to King County Emergency Medical Services guidelines, fire suppression, and rescue
services. Work may involve environments that are dangerous to life and health. Strenuous physical exertion under stressful conditions may be required during training and emergency scene operations. 

The work environment includes, but is not limited to, confined spaces, temperature extremes,
inclement weather, extreme heights, exposure to diseases, and violent acts. The career firefighter
also conducts non-emergency services, to include but not limited to training, pre-incident
planning, fire/injury prevention/public education, building inspections, public relations, facility
maintenance, apparatus/equipment checks, report writing, and other activities. The position reports and is responsible to, and evaluated and supervised by the assigned Company Officer.

•     Responding to customer requests.
•     Provision of emergency scene services.
•     Training/Education (receiving or providing).
•     Fire prevention activities (inspections, presentations, etc.).
•     Operating Agency equipment and apparatus.
•     Maintaining assigned facilities, apparatus, and equipment.
•     Creating, reviewing, and/or updating pre-incident, maps, communications, and other operating       plans. 
•     Physical training/conditioning.
•     Obtaining/retaining of Agency-required professional certifications.
•     Performing at established standard levels.
•     Timely and accurate documentation of activities.
•     Operating a variety telecommunications tools and computer programs mentoring other                    firefighters.
•     Compliant with Agency policies, guidelines, rules, and regulations.
•     Participates in this position’s annual performance evaluation conducted by the Company
•     Other duties as assigned.

1.  Ability to work in a closely managed, paramilitary management system.
2.  Ability to follow verbal and written instructions and comply with safety regulations.
3.  Ability to work under hazardous conditions utilizing proper technique and wearing proper
4.  Ability to learn principles of modern fire prevention, suppression, and lifesaving procedures
     and techniques.
5.  Ability to maintain composure and self-control under adverse conditions (i.e., critical
     injuries and death).
6.  Ability to cope with situations firmly, courteously, tactfully, and with respect for the rights
     of citizens.
7.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
8.  Ability to meet Agency adopted performance standards.
9.  Ability to hold self in readiness at all times to answer calls, accept authority, obey orders
     of superiors, and accept a strict personal organizational code of conduct and ethics.
10. Ability to attend school, conferences, and training sessions, keeping current in tactics and
      other information related to the position.
11. Ability to work/operate in small group or team environment to accomplish tasks/assignments.
12. Knowledge of public education methods and skills to create and deliver programs that
      effectively educate citizens of all ages.
13. Knowledge of building construction and Agency facilities, ability to recognize potential
      hazards, and skill to develop comprehensive, understandable pre- incident plans.
14. Knowledge of safety regulations and practices applicable to the Agency, including those for
      incidents involving firefighting, EMS, rescue and hazardous materials.
15. Ability to recognize unsafe work practices and make timely corrections to ensure continued
      compliance with safety standards.
16. Knowledge and skills to effectively maintain fire stations, grounds, apparatus, and equipment
      in a condition that ensures maximum operational readiness for service.
17. Ability to accept challenging or unusual assignments and skills to apply education and
      experience to complete assignment objectives.
18. Knowledge of fire investigation techniques and ability to assist a fire investigator.
19. Must be able to drive Agency vehicles.
20. Must be able to frequently communicate, express one’s self, convey, converse, and exchange
      information with others, either in person, telephone, radio, and computer generated                         communication.
21. Understands and adheres to the Agency’s policies and procedures.


As a condition of employment, you must become a member of the International Association of Firefighters Local 2878 within 30 days of employment or meet alternate regulations as set forth in the Agreement between the Union and the Employer.


Candidates must meet the following minimum qualification in order to be eligible to apply for the
position of Lateral Firefighter:
•     Be at least 21 years of age.
•     Have a high school diploma or GED Certificate.
•     Be a Citizen of the United States with the ability to read and write the English language.
•     Ability to possess and maintain a valid Washington driver's license within 30 days of the
      date of hire.
•     Have not been convicted of a felony.
•     Have a current National Registry EMT or Washington State EMT at the time of application.
•     Must be an active career firefighter with a minimum of 24 consecutive months’ full-time
      structural firefighter work experience as of 1/24/18, or have been laid off as a member in good
      standing within the past 12 months.
•     Possess Firefighter I Certification endorsed by the International Fire Service Accreditation             College (IFSAC) or equivalent.
•     Possess Hazardous Materials Operations Certification endorsed by the International Fire
      Service Accreditation College (IFSAC) or equivalent.

•     Possess Firefighter II Certification endorsed by the International Fire Service Accreditation
      College (IFSAC) or equivalent.
•     Completion of Washington State Firefighters JATC
•     Washington State EMT certification

All Certifications and Certificates must be submitted by the Application Period close date. Please
attach copies of your certifications to your application when submitting.


•    Must be minimum of twenty-one (21) years of age at time of appointment.
•    Must successfully pass annual fit for duty test and annual SCBA/HEPA mask fit test.
•    Must be able to read, utilize a computer (screen, keyboard, etc), write, and understand
     various reports, letters, documents, emails, training materials, etc.
•    Frequent movement is necessary in a fire station setting, in meetings and/or training, at
     conferences, etc., for long periods.
•    Occasionally ascends/descends stairs and/or ladders; occasionally positions self to reach
     high/low work spaces; occasionally kneels, stoops, crouches, or crawls.
•    Lifting and/or moving up to 50 pounds and occasionally lifting or moving up to 150 pounds.
•    Specific vision abilities required by the job include close vision, depth perception and the
     ability to adjust focus. Corrected vision is permitted.
•    Frequently operates a computer and other office productivity machinery such as a calculator,
     copy machine, and computer printer.
•    Frequently works in an indoor or outdoor setting; occasionally required to work for prolonged
     periods without rest during disasters or in inclement weather.
•    Must successfully pass the Agency’s pre-hire background, medical physical, drug screen, and
     psychological testing.
•    Proof of successful completion of CPAT by date of hire.

The career firefighter is subject to work hours as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
The career firefighter shall be required to immediately respond to emergencies, work outside in all
weather conditions and under adverse conditions. Work includes exposure to hazards inherent with firefighting and rescue operations. May be subject to off-shift call back.

TESTING & SELECTION (Tentative Timeline)
12/19/17                     Application period opens
1/24/18                       Application period closes at 5pm
1/25/18                       Application review
2/5/18 – 2/9/18           Interviews, Practical Skills Assessment
(followed by Background Assessment, dates may vary)
Late April                    Date of hire/Lateral Academy begins

Submit Applications To:
Eastside Fire & Rescue
Human Resources
175 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

For questions or additional information please contact Human Resources at: or (425) 313-3249.