Eastside Fire & Rescue: Commitment to a Welcoming Workplace 

Eastside Fire & Rescue shares your concern about the rising tide of threats against religious minorities and other vulnerable groups in America. We are deeply disturbed by the acts of violence that have sometimes followed these threats. A growing number of people have questioned whether they are welcome, and safe, in this country.

Be assured Eastside Fire & Rescue, which includes the City of Issaquah, City of Sammamish, City of North Bend, and King County Fire Districts 10 and 38, are committed to protecting the dignity and wellbeing of all people. Whether it is supporting and connecting with concerned groups within our service area, or coordinating on a regional basis with other jurisdictions, we will do our part, and more, to make sure people of all backgrounds feel valued, safeguarded and welcome.

We affirm Eastside Fire & Rescue’s mission of Excellence in Service & Dedication to Community. This includes our core values of being compassionate, innovative, trustworthy, expertise, and professionalism. These values ultimately focus on the goal of unified commitment; to employees, the partners, and the communities we serve. Our focus is on what brings us together. 

We would like to thank you, the residents and business owners, for the role you play in ensuring everyone within our community feels welcome. With your help, together we will continue to build community, trust, and respect.

Eastside Fire & Rescue is pleased to present the 2017 - 2021 Strategic Plan. Thank you to all the members of the Eastside Fire & Rescue community for their active participation in the development of the plan. Progress on the Strategic Work Plan will be updated on a quarterly basis and can be found here.  
Eastside Fire & Rescue's 2017 Budget